Sales Management

Get more returns with less work and build efficient, repeatable sales processes.

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Save hours each week in setup and lead distribution time. Built for efficiency and scale, our solutions makes it easy to manage sales teams, whether you are responsible for one property or many.

Because our sales solutions integrate with all our other products, you’ll benefit from insights based on fans’ engagement across all your channels.

“Moving from spreadsheets to FanThreeSixty Sales has allowed us to be much more organized and efficient when running sales campaigns.”

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Aaron Leavitt

Oakland Roots | Director, Ticket Sales & Service

Key Benefits:


Lead automation

We make it easy to identify your targeted fans and distribute them to your team.


Maximize conversions

Make the most of your time by prioritizing the highest-value fans using our predictive analytics.


Measure performance

Track team performance, program results and revenue in one place.


Workforce efficiency

Set up consistent, repeatable workflows for each season or team.