Fan Data Platform

Gain a holistic view of your fanbase by connecting all your data in a vertically integrated platform built specifically for sports and entertainment.


Our platform combines all of your fan data sources and applies our proprietary algorithms to create unique profiles for all of your fans. We clean, connect, and append data at a 75% faster rate than our competitors and pull audiences in a minute, not days.

Your fan data — and your ability to act on it — get more powerful every second.



Holistic approach

Data at rest isn’t valuable.
Our Master Fan Index is constantly updating and processing to give you real time insights.

Holistic approach


Action driven

No code or external tools needed.
Your data is ready for use with our tools or your own.

Personalization ✅

Make your conversations more personal, no matter where they happen.


Automation ✅

Achieve your goals with fewer resources using our automated solutions.


Unique insights

Actionable data sees real results.
Insights have helped clients grow revenue by 10% with an increase in donations, ticket sales and fan spend. 
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“The ability for the marketing department to have access to and pull our own lists created efficiency in executing email marketing journeys, digital marketing and lead campaigns for the sales and service department, all moving at the same time.”

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Drew Gaschler

University of Kansas | Associate Athletics Director for Marketing

Core capabilities:


Data quality

We eliminate duplicate information and clean up invalid data to make it ready to use.


Single fan profile

We integrate each fan’s data and enrich it with demographic and behavioral insights.


Dynamic processing

Profiles update in real time as fans interact with your organization.


Data compliance

We help you comply with new and existing data regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.