Fan Data Platform

Get a complete picture of your fanbase by connecting all your data in a platform built specifically for sports.


Our platform integrates all of your data sources and applies our proprietary algorithms to create unique profiles for all of your fans. These profiles are the basis for everything you can do in FanThreeSixty, from identifying new ticket leads to sending targeted communications.

We continually enrich these profiles with new attributes anytime a fan interacts with your team, which means your data β€” and your ability to act on it β€” gets more powerful every second.

Core capabilities:


Data quality

We eliminate duplicate information and clean up invalid data to make it ready to use.


Single fan profile

We integrate each fan’s data and enrich it with demographic and behavioral insights.


Dynamic processing

Profiles update in real time as fans interact with your organization.


Data compliance

We help you comply with new and existing data regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.