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At FanThreeSixty, we are passionate about helping organizations grow revenue, deliver fan experience, and become more efficient.

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We are tech veterans with over a decade of experience creating value for our clients in the sports and live events industries.

We work with organizations around the world, in every vertical: professional, college, esports, governing bodies, venues and more.

Our approach allows teams to transform their fan data into actionable insights and data-driven activations, saving them time and helping them focus on the outcomes that matter.

Our Team


Cliff Illig


Cliff is a principal owner of Sporting Club, Sporting Kansas City and FanThreeSixty. As Vice Chairman and Co-founder of Cerner Corp., an S&P 500 healthcare IT company, Mr. Illig is a leader in the data & technology fields.


Troy Tetzlaff

Chief Executive Officer

Troy is responsible for our vision, growth, and operations. A former chemist and tech veteran, he has gravitated towards developing solutions and business units that focus on how to make data actionable and valuable to clients.


Jerad Frey

Chief Technology Officer

Jerad is a proven tech leader with 20+ years experience in delivering quality software products. He oversees our tech development and helps drive future strategy.


Heidi Mead

Chief Services Officer

Heidi is a tech veteran with 20+ years experience leading consulting organizations and building strong client relationships. She focuses on creating value for our clients through our people, services, and products.


Byron Moore

Chief Sales Officer

Byron is responsible for continued market growth strategy and expansion. As a 16+ year veteran in the tech industry, Byron focuses on understanding the client's environment and goals while aligning products and services to ensure their success.