Predictive Analytics

Use our behavior-based fan insights to tailor your operations and become more effective.

FanThreeSixty Insights-1

We augment your current capabilities by embedding our insights directly into the platform, eliminating delays and impediments to getting information.

We’ve created models for lead score, likelihood to renew tickets, RFM analysis and more, and we’re continually adding new insights to our platform. Let FanThreeSixty’s insights be the 6th man on your team.

Key Benefits:


Machine learning

We continually apply our data science expertise to understand patterns and project future trends.

Real-time modeling

Our models update every day so you’ll always be working from the latest insights.


Out-of-the-box insights

Our insights and predictions are ready for you to use from day one.


Embedded into workflows

We make it easy to act on our insights by putting them right where you need them.