5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Captivate 2023

NaTaya Partee
NaTaya Partee December 19, 2022

It’s that time of year again. We are just 2 weeks away from saying goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023. The end of the year signifies a time of reflection and preparation. We ask ourselves questions like: What did I achieve this year? What can I do better for next year? As we begin to prepare for 2023, keep in mind that digital marketing is here to stay. Let’s look at 5 current trends that will carry over to the new year.

🎨 Increased Personalization

There seems to be an infinite amount of businesses promoting the same services, so you might think how can my business stand out? The answer is with personalization. FanThreeSixty’s origin story begins with personalization. Our Fan Data Platform allows us to convert our client's needs and pain points into holistic solutions that derive from predictive analytics, dynamic audiences, and marketing automation tools.

“We continue to add avenues for teams to be able to connect with fans, like communications, videos, forms, trivia polls, etc. This allows for clients to interact with groups of fans more personally using our Audience engine.”


📲 Push Notifications

It’s hard to keep anyone’s attention these days, but push notifications are a pop-up marketing strategy that demand attention and action. At the beginning of our mobile app journey, we ask our users about their preferences to be sure we’re not overwhelming them with peripheral content. Our push notifications give quick access to starting lineup previews, Know Before You Go information, live game stats, and much more.



📍 Geofencing

Have one of your apps recently asked for location permissions? If so, welcome to geofencing. This trend allows marketers to send advertisements to your device when you enter and exit its virtual geographical perimeters. We’ve registered our participating venues as “geofences” using technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular data. Fans are able to easily and seamlessly check into venues with our mobile app and often uncover perks to thank them for their participation.

"Geofencing is one of the best ways to identify fans that enter a venue on event day. Even with digital ticketing, it’s often difficult to know all the fans who come to a game because a single person will hold tickets for the entire group. Incentivizing fans to use the mobile app and setting up offers for sharing location can vastly increase the knowledge of who is in a venue."


💧 Drip Email Campaigns (Automated Emails)

Drip email campaigns are sent based on the subscriber's behavior, not the marketer's. Our system uses a highly intelligent insight called a lead score. (Lead scores help identify how likely a fan is to purchase tickets.) Whenever a fans profile is tagged with a high lead score, our system automatically sends an email to their inbox including special ticket offers with the goal of conversion. We recommend that your emails have direct subject lines, sparse emojis, clear call to actions, consistent brand visuals, and targeted audiences.



🌐 Hybrid Everything

It’s been two years since COVID-19 made its appearance to the world and it's forever changed how we as people approach work. Virtual meetings, virtual events, and remote work have taken over as the new normal —many even consider these offerings a courtesy. Brands no longer have to be in the same proximity to execute their marketing goals. There are now advanced digital marketing tools that emphasize communication and collaboration. FanThreeSixty provides a hybrid work environment that prioritizes safety and that allows for the uncertainties of life.

"The hybrid work environment is great! It gives associates a lot of flexibility to both work from home and come into the office and collaborate. Being in the office and around my peers throughout the week brings me joy! After working remotely for 2 years, it feels good to get in-person interaction and to be able to openly collaborate on topics you may not be exposed to when working from home."


As you can see, the common theme of 2022 is technology: increased personalization, push notifications, geofencing, drip email campaigns and hybridized work environments. Technology and marketing are more parallel than ever before. Emerging tech is projected to experience a growth of 104% by 2023. This projected growth will continue to evolve the world of marketing as we know it. Stay tuned.


NaTaya Partee

NaTaya is the Content Coordinator at FanThreeSixty. She was a student-athlete for 15 years before graduating from the University of Evansville in 2022. Her favorite classes to study involved design and writing. She loves traveling, working out, and trying new restaurants.

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