At FanThreeSixty, we believe that this has the potential to be every team's shining moment. Rather than focus on the challenges posed by COVID-19, teams can use this as an opportunity to better connect with (and learn more about) their fans, building meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime. This is truly what we mean when we say, "Every day is game day."

We’ve created Fan Engagement from the Sidelines to serve as a hub for our best fan engagement tips, trends and real-world examples. We’ll help to guide your content strategy while live sports are on hold so that when games resume, your fans are back in the stands, cheering you on...with cleaner hands, of course. 

Choose your channels

If there’s one thing we can be certain of right now, it’s that fans are eager to interact with their favorite teams. Begin by identifying the channels that will be most effective in engaging your fans and how those channels will help you to understand more about them. 

Fan Engagement Checklist

While fans are dreaming of the day that they’ll return to the stands, your content is more likely to capture their attention and keep your team top-of-mind if it checks the boxes below.

Client Content Spotlight

Latest from the FanThreeSixty Blog

Explore our take on industry trends and insights, along with a look at content inspiration from our clients and other organizations that are winning the at-home fan engagement game. Be sure to subscribe to stay in-the-loop on the latest.

Five Ways to Boost Fan Engagement with Washington Interscholastic Activities Association

Contrary to the tech- and social media- savvy students who comprise high schools across the U.S., the high school associations themselves can seem a bit archaic as it relates to student engagement. Determined to break the mold, Washington Interscholastic Activites Association (WIAA) set out to...

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Weekly Roundup: Winning Content

Week of 4.19.20: 

We interrupt the Twitterverse’s analysis of Roger Goodell’s basement decor to bring you this week’s content roundup. Here’s a look at some of our favorite ways that teams, brands, players and organizations are getting creative with at-home fan engagement.


Barstool Sports 


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NFL Draft Week

It’s Draft Week, so that means it’s time to push pause on the Super Bowl reruns (Go Chiefs) and get ready for the next generation of elite football stars. It’s been over a month since the first suspension of live sports, so all eyes are on how the NFL will conduct the draft and execute fan...

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The Weekly Roundup: Winning Content

If we have learned anything since the suspension of sports, it’s that fans crave relationships with their favorite teams and players. Fans are looking for different ways to fill the hole that was left, creating an opportunity for teams to make a lasting impact with engaging content. 

Here are some...

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The Fans Are All Right

People are watching Ukranian table tennis. Yep, you read it right.

The social-distancing-approved matches, played in empty arenas with 12 or more feet of space between opponents, have gained traction during the world’s live sports hiatus. The rising popularity of a relatively obscure sport reveals...

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