Startup Hustle Podcast Talks FanThreeSixty and Fan Experience

Mary Sloss
Mary Sloss October 4, 2019

Data is the most valuable currency of the experience economy we live in today. It’s the foundation for any successful personalization strategy in sports, helping teams capture the right fan with the right message at the right time with. Whether you want to delight fans, create a revenue outcome or nudge fans to take a certain action, data-driven experiences power the business of sports today. And it’s inherent in who we are—after all, our name IS FanThreeSixty.

But our journey didn’t start out as such. Startup life is messy; it comes with risk, failure and massive rewards. During a recent Startup Hustle podcast interview, our CEO Jason Houseworth, shares the evolution of FanThreeSixty and how his own personal experiences as a diver has helped scale the business.

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As Jason says, “Data that is not actionable is useless, and this is the problem today. Something I like to call ‘the visibility paradox,’ sports teams and businesses alike are struggling to make sense of the data they have.”

Listen to Jason share more about the current and future state of FanThreeSixty, including how he applied his own life experiences to transform the business into a model-driven organization that delivers insights and predictive actions in real-time for sports teams worldwide.


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Mary Sloss

Mary Sloss is the former Marketing Director at FanThreeSixty.

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