FanThreeSixty Launches Data-Driven Fan Activations

FanThreeSixty December 18, 2018

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—FanThreeSixty, an industry-leading fan engagement software and analytics company, extended the capabilities of its Fan Engagement Platform, giving sports teams and entertainment venues a single source of truth for fan insights. As part of the platform upgrade, FanThreeSixty included automated audience segmentations and fan activations. This lets marketers trigger seamless, personalized interactions with their fans which optimizes audience targeting and improves campaign performance.

"The future of sports marketing is all about intelligent fan journeys," said Jason Houseworth, CEO, FanThreeSixty. "By transforming our software into a broader fan engagement platform, we're giving marketers a sophisticated tool that leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to capture and engage fans in ways that reflect their individual behaviors and interests.”

The security and privacy of fan data is built into the GDPR-compliant Fan Engagement Platform, only storing the data that fans give permission to collect.

“We are committed to customer privacy, so we are transparent with our clients and their fans about how their data is used. This gives fans the choice to opt-in or opt-out,” said Houseworth. “By putting them in control of their data, we’re serving the fans’ best interests while putting them in control of their experience.” said Houseworth.

GDPR will impact all companies across industries in the U.S.; so, FanThreeSixty is giving sports and entertainment brands both the technology platform and the strategy to shift from legacy systems to a GDPR-compliant fan engagement platform-as-a-service, adds Houseworth.

Other features on the enhanced platform include Fan Insights, a reporting tool that gives a more granular-level view into a fan’s behavior derived from his or her engagement on marketing campaigns. This lets marketers better understand which sponsors drive the most value from their fan base, as well as which messages resonate with with each distinct fan.

With an amplified reports view, users can track conversions tied to sales programs and marketing campaigns, as well as fan purchases, including data from both ticketing and online merchandise sales from its integration with Fanatics, one of the world’s largest eCommerce sites for sportswear. Marketers can then use this information to target fans based on their purchasing behavior or to derive insights about a fan’s favorite player.

Together, these new capabilities transform the way sports and entertainment brands act on their fan data to create remarkable fan experiences while streamlining marketing campaigns and sales programs. FanThreeSixty will continue to refine its platform in 2019 and beyond to expand automated features, giving marketers a comprehensive solution for seamless fan engagement.



FanThreeSixty is passionate about helping organizations grow revenue, elevate fan experience, and become more efficient.

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