Associate Spotlight - Chris Jones, Director of Experience Design

Jess Westendorf
Jess Westendorf July 18, 2019

Meet Chris Jones, FanThreeSixty's Director of User Experience Design:

With over 18 years of design experience (and a case of Diet Dr. Pepper at his side), Chris oversees FanThreeSixty's Experience Design department. 


What drew you to FanThreeSixty? 

The first reason was that it was in a great location. I like downtown, I like the Crossroads and the office space was great. Second, I was interested in the technology sector. Lastly, I loved the category of sports. Within Kansas City, I felt like FanThreeSixty was the best tech gig in town. A mix of sports and technology in a great location? Sold. 



If you could switch your job with anyone within FanThreeSixty for a day, whose job would you want?

I'd want your job (marketing/content creator). I like marketing and brand a lot and even a little bit of social media. I have always enjoyed that side of the business and sort of trying to tell a story through video and digital content. 



Favorite line from a movie?

Jeff Goldblum for the win! 




Favorite Travel Spot?

I love to go to Colorado with my family. We like the Rocky Mountain National Park, specifically the Estes National Park area. We rent a cabin and just take it all in, from hiking to camping to just hanging out. It is really beautiful, so we try to go in the summer or at least once a year.  



Favorite FanThreeSixty Project?

The UX team started creating baseball cards for every associate at FanThreeSixty once they've been with us for 90 days. It propelled our company culture, leading us to design jerseys and a wall mural with our logo. We've had a ton of fun tapping into sports design to bring the baseball card project to life.




Favorite Quote? 

“We’re in the details business” 


Favorite Hobby? 

I like to make things! I am not really happy unless I am creating something. On the weekends, I like to make things out of wood, like tables, chairs or wood art.



What is on your wishlist to complete in the next 5 to 10 years with FanThreeSixty?

What I think about right now is continuing to deliver game changing (pun intended) software for our clients. If we can really create something that they cannot live without then that would be the most satisfying outcome I could imagine. 


Jess Westendorf

Jess is a former Marketing Coordinator at FanThreeSixty.

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