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NaTaya Partee
NaTaya Partee December 11, 2023

In 2022, ASM Global - Jacksonville (JaxEvents) partnered with FanThreeSixty to launch a dynamic mobile app, offering patrons exclusive event access, information, and seamless ticketing and parking. The partnership enabled JaxEvents staff to cut patron communication time in half by leveraging FanThreeSixty’s automation capabilities.

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ASM Global - Jacksonville is the only ASM Global venue equipped with a tool that facilitates regular and direct communication with patrons, within a single platform. This allows staff to target the right audiences at the right time. In fact, when Morgan Wallen performed at Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena, JaxEvents staff notified their mobile users with a “Register to Win” mobile communication (comm). The comm accrued 14,180 impressions, a 73% engagement rate, and 915 new registered mobile users. Bravo! 


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Following the successful launch of JaxEvents, ASM Global - Jacksonville expanded its product suite to include FanThreeSixty’s Fan Data Platform and Email in early 2023. We can't wait to see what the new year has in store! For a more in-depth look into our work with JaxEvents use the button below.


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NaTaya Partee

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