Case Study: How Speedway Motorsports gained a better understanding of fans and streamlined ticket sales

FanThreeSixty March 6, 2017


After announcing a partnership with Speedway Motorsports, Inc. in 2014, we are happy to share milestones and successes SMI has experienced over the past two seasons. Read on for a brief overview or click here to jump to the in-depth case study.

As the owner and operator of eight premier racetracks across the U.S., Speedway Motorsports Inc. had the unique challenge of consolidating fan data across all its tracks to better understand its fans and discover where its successes were.

Ahead of the 2015 race season, SMI partnered with FanThreeSixty, and together we are helping the leader in American motorsports entertainment to:
• Unite data across its organization
• Share best practices across its venues
• Get visibility of new and existing fans
• Streamline the ticket sales process
• Enhance the fan experience through mobile engagement

After just two seasons, here are a few ways SMI is benefitting from a centralized data management and fan engagement solution:

Better understanding of its fans

SMI is identifying new fans while enhancing profiles of existing fans with additional information and attributes as they engage. So far, it has increased its number of unique fan profiles by 35 percent.

More efficient sales campaigns

SMI discovered that the purchasing behaviors of time ticket buyers is much different than repeat purchasers. These insights help SMI tailor its communication strategies at every step of the sales process to increase conversions and upsell opportunities.

Sharing best practices

SMI can easily see where successes lie within sales and marketing efforts and share these best practices across tracks.

Enhance mobile engagement

FanThreeSixty launched new mobile apps for all eight tracks that enable SMI to deliver highly personal experiences with fans, while seamlessly capturing new fan attributes and preferences.

Because of SMI’s commitment to innovative mobile engagement strategies, SMI surpassed 100,000 total app downloads in 18 months, which resulted in the identification of 52,000 previously unknown fans. The remainder of downloads appended existing ticketing profiles with mobile engagement behaviors.

SMI plans to continue building on its data innovation strategies, using FanThreeSixty to further anticipate and predict fan behavior and automate time-consuming points within the sales process.

View the in-depth case study here.


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