fusesport Partners with FanThreeSixty to Drive Motorsport Engagement for BTCC

FanThreeSixty January 8, 2019

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — fusesport, a leading global sports event and data management company formed a partnership with FanThreeSixty, an industry-leading fan engagement software and analytics company, to build the digital engagement and assets for the elite British Touring Cars Championship (BTCC). With FanThreeSixty’s support, fusesport will connect and engage with all fans and stakeholders in the BTCC family to further accelerate the growth of interest in this popular race series.

fusesport will provide a full digital offering to BTCC and its fans, including the delivery of unique content via FanThreeSixty’s proprietary fan engagement mobile application and platform. This ongoing engagement will create a 360-degree view of the fan, leading BTCC and the teams to actionable insights that create better fan experiences and more value to the property.

“We are excited to bring more unique BTCC content to fans via an engaging, mobile experience,” said Jeff Bliss, CEO, fusesport. “By partnering with FanThreeSixty, we can deliver new digital fan experiences and an innovative platform that activates sports fans in a hyper-personalized way.”

Bliss adds that fusesport and FanThreeSixty’s ability to seamlessly manage event data over the entire BTCC season while protecting consumer privacy puts fans in control of their content and data and gives sports organizations like BTCC a competitive edge in attracting and retaining fans. The result is a tailored experience for each individual fan based on their choice, which accelerates sponsor revenue and increases team value.

“We create remarkable fan experiences by transforming the way our clients act on their data,” said Jason Houseworth, CEO, FanThreeSixty. “We are excited to work with fusesport to provide BTCC fans the best user experience in motorsports by delivering the content they want and respecting their data privacy rights. We plan on extending our partnership with fusesport beyond BTCC into other motorsports and other sports property opportunities.”

About fusesport

fusesport is a global leader in helping sports organizations grow their communities by managing their events and data more effectively. One of the most complete event management solutions available, fusesport’s cloud-based platform provides registration, competition management, accreditation, and data management/marketing, to volunteer/workforce management and more. Clients include global sports associations, leagues/teams, multi-sport events, races, e-sports tournaments, and sports facilities, with events that range from a few hundred athletes to those with millions, in over 170+ countries around the world. fusesport.com



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