College athletics has a ticket retention problem

FanThreeSixty September 12, 2022

College athletics has the lowest ticket retention rate across all industries. Teams often lack the necessary time, resources, and solutions to organize their fan data and act on it in real-time. This inability to utilize their fan data limits their capability to engage on a personal level and stunts their capacity to grow revenue.

The industry problem

On average, only 14% of non-season ticket members (non-STM) will repurchase a ticket the following year — ultimately putting 76% of their (non-STM) revenue at risk annually.

Non-STM Purchasers in 2021people matrix

Fan attrition accounts for 76% of all non-STM revenue, a loss of which can be upwards of $3M.




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Studies showed that acquiring a new customer can cost
five times more than retaining an existing customer.


FanThreeSixty’s retention solutions

We bring a progressive approach to athletic departments by focusing on accelerating business value through greater utilization of data, as we continue to see the market shift away from static data aggregation toward more actionable data and automation.

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Our vertically integrated platform gets rid of multi-step workflows and connects all of your data into one complete solution — increasing your team’s efficiency and ability to grow revenue. We’ve seen clients gain upwards of $100k in incremental ticket sales revenue during their first year.


“Before FanThreeSixty, marketing lists would take 1-2 business days to turn around due to the multiple reports and subsequent data manipulation required. With FanThreeSixty, targeting specific audiences is much simpler, and our turnaround time is measured in hours, not days.”


Kansas Athletics

Assistant Director – Database Marketing and Analytics



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