FanThreeSixty acquires assets of StepOne, an award-winning software company

FanThreeSixty March 24, 2017

FanThreeSixty has acquired assets of StepOne, Inc., including its patented software featuring leading-edge data intelligence, analytics, automation and a revolutionary recommendation engine. With this acquisition, FanThreeSixty will accelerate the development of a proprietary business intelligence layer specifically designed for use by clients within sports and entertainment. 

This layer will be offered as an enhancement to the core capabilities associated with the FanThreeSixty platform, which currently includes data collection and centralization, advanced segmentation, sales management and continuous delivery of exceptional fan experiences.

“Acquiring the assets of StepOne is a huge step forward in fulfilling our long-term vision,” said Robb Heineman, partner and CEO of FanThreeSixty. “When you think of typical challenges an organization faces -- season ticket renewals, increasing mobile engagement, or even growing the fanbase, this new intelligence will unquestionably raise the bar in terms of performance in these areas. But that’s just scratching the surface of what is possible for us moving forward. This is a game changer for our industry.”

Through the utilization of these assets, FanThreeSixty clients will soon gain access to progressive new analytics, powerful fan insights and predictive modeling to optimize the interactions they have with every one of their fans, every single day. These automated insights become easily accessible and actionable through Dimension, the suite of fan management tools within the FanThreeSixty platform.

“This puts us in a position to greatly enhance our customers’ understanding of each fan’s journey from start to finish,” said Heineman. “They will gain instant access to the exact insights that will help them make informed decisions and work more efficiently in all essential areas of their business, including ticket sales, sponsorship, marketing, and fan engagement."



FanThreeSixty is passionate about helping organizations grow revenue, elevate fan experience, and become more efficient.

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