The New Game of Fan Engagement

Brands like Amazon and Netflix are setting the stage for personalization, challenging sports organizations to deliver more personalized, in-the-moment experiences. Mass marketing engagements no longer work and with the amount of customer data available, fans expect teams to connect with them at an individual level.

Forty-three percent of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that personalizes their experience (source: Marketing Dive)

So why not give fans what they want?

Personalization Starts with Clean Data

Deep and meaningful personalization starts with actionable data. Most teams have access to fan data from ticketing platforms and POS systems but here’s the ugly truth: with fan data captured from various, disconnected sources, teams struggle to make sense of the most valuable data sets. Although teams have invested in a data warehouse, the real problem exists in translating your data into actionable outcomes.

DID YOU KNOW? Cleaning and organizing data comprises 50 to 75 percent of analytics and data science efforts. (Harvard Business Review,)

A Personalization Strategy is the Key to the Ultimate Fan Experience

A personalization strategy IS a data strategy. It all starts with cleansing and organizing your data to uncover the most effective way to engage your fans. Begin by centralizing your fan data into an intelligent engagement solution. You will soon uncover the truth behind your data and begin to understand your fans deeper, engage smarter and augment the total fan experience.

Download The Ugly Truth of Fan Engagement to learn how you can leverage fan data to develop a personalization strategy to deliver remarkable fan experiences.