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January 3, 2018

5 reasons a live environment is the ultimate data source for a brand

By FanThreeSixty CEO Robb Heineman, originally posted on The Innovation Enterprise


From a loaf of bread to a vase of orchids, everything’s better when it’s fresh. That includes data — especially data from live events.

Think of it this way: Is it more valuable to market LeBron James’ latest Nikes the minute after an amazing slam dunk or five days later? It doesn’t take a longtime marketer to know the answer.

Fresh data provides the strongest source of consumer intelligence, which is paramount because consumers are now our brand co-owners. Through their influence, they have the power to rapidly drive or erode brands, and they wield that power almost ruthlessly. No longer are brands the kings of their domains; a well-placed hashtag or single tweet can lead to the crumbling of a company.

If you fail to understand your prospects and clients within their personal context, you’ll find it difficult to get relationship marketing traction. But tap into ripe, raw customer intelligence gathered during a live event, and you’re on your way to engendering a team of loyalists. They’re the nearly 80% of consumers who give their money and respect to genuine, client-centric businesses, and they’re the door to your gold mine.

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October 17, 2017

LeBron James just showed why he’s Nike’s billion-dollar man

When LeBron's shoes speak, everyone listens. But let's be realistic, the majority of brands don't have the budget for professional athlete endorsements to boost sales. So what can they do? gives tips for how any company can boost product frenzy with just a few strategic steps, including how companies like FanThreeSixty are helping brands collect and transform fanbase data into the perfect message.

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February 1, 2013

Cisco Announces StadiumVision Mobile

Cisco today announced the general release of StadiumVision Mobile, a cutting-edge solution that delivers live streaming video to mobile devices within sports and entertainment venues over Wi-Fi. The full Cisco announcement is available here.

Sporting Innovations has worked closely with Cisco on the development of StadiumVision Mobile through field trials at Sporting Park since the stadium opened in 2011. This includes an initial beta test for Sporting Kansas City fans last fall.

Sporting Innovations and Sporting Kansas City will announce further details about the availability of StadiumVision Mobile during the 2013 Major League Soccer season in the coming weeks.

The following quotes are from the Cisco announcement:

David Holland, general manager and senior vice president, Cisco Sports & Entertainment Solutions Group
"The introduction of Cisco StadiumVision Mobile marks a significant milestone for Cisco and the Sports and Entertainment industry. As prominent teams and customers around the world, such as the Brooklyn Nets, Real Madrid and Sporting Kansas City, begin to use this solution, fans will be able to use their mobile devices to transport themselves to the center of the action – no matter where they are in the venue. We are empowering our customers to meet the demands of a new generation of fans with media-rich, personalized experiences that translate into significant business opportunities."

Bringing this solution to market required not only significant research and development investment from Cisco, but the expertise of organizations like Sporting Innovations, who tested, refined and advanced the solution over the past year. The dedication and focus of the Cisco Sports & Entertainment Solutions Group, along with collaboration from our customers over the last 18 months, have made StadiumVision Mobile an exciting reality."

Asim Pasha, managing partner, Sporting Innovations
"Cisco has been an incredible partner for Sporting Kansas City and Sporting Innovations. Together we have been able to use technology to reshape the fan paradigm. Cisco StadiumVision Mobile is the next step in that process, and we believe it will radically alter and enhance how teams and venues interact with fans. We look forward to implementing solutions that leverage StadiumVision Mobile to our other clients around the world."

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October 5, 2012

Thank you, Sporting Club members!

Last week, we asked for your help in testing a revolutionary new in-venue video app we are developing for Sporting KC. The first version of the app allows fans to choose a camera angle and watch the game on their devices, rewinding any time for an instant replay.

We were very pleased by the number of members who signed up to test and we appreciate the helpful feedback you provided. Stay tuned for updates as we use your feedback to improve functionality and prepare for the release of the app in 2013.

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April 3, 2012

Sporting Innovations nominated for Product Innovation Award

Sporting Innovations’ multi-dimensional platform FAN360 was recognized as a finalist for the Product Innovation Award by TheStadiumBusiness. The Production Innovation Award recognizes a product or service that has uniquely transformed and improved the way stadiums, arenas and sports venues do business.

The state-of-the-art LIVESTRONG Sporting Park garnered recognition alongside venues on four different continents with its consideration for Venue of the Year, awarded to the world’s best stadium, arena or sports venue—from the small local club to the mega-capacity national sports facilities.

Additionally, LIVESTRONG Sporting Park was nominated for the Customer Experience Award, Community Award and New Venue Award while Sporting KC CEO Robb Heineman (also a Managing Partner of Sporting Innovations) was nominated for the Executive of the Year Award.

The winners will be announced live at the TheStadiumBusiness Awards gala, to be held in Turin on May 15. Award categories featuring LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, Heineman and FAN360 are listed below with a complete list of nominees.


FAN360 (Sporting Innovations), USA
SPS Terraces (Intelligent Engineering), UK
Texlon ETFE Cladding at Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin (Vector Foiltec), Germany
VisionSOFT (ANC Sports Enterprises LLC), USA
MCG Smartphone App (MCG / NextDigital), Australia


LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, Kansas City, USA
Amway Center, Orlando, Florida, USA
Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, China
Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin, New Zealand
The American Express Community Stadium, Brighton, UK


Robb Heineman, CEO, Sporting KC, USA
Alex Martins, CEO, Orlando Magic, USA
Julian Jenkins, Director Of International Marketing & Special Projects, Cardiff City FC, UK
Lee Zeidman, SVP and GM STAPLES Center, Nokia Theatre and L.A. LIVE, USA
Martin Perry, Executive Director, Brighton & Hove Albion FC, UK


LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, Kansas City, USA
Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada
City Square / Etihad Stadium, Manchester City FC, UK
Amway Center, Orlando, Florida, USA
The American Express Community Stadium, Brighton, UK


LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, Kansas City, USA
Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland
Miller Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, Kansas City, USA
The American Express Community Stadium, Brighton, UK
Juventus Stadium, Turin, Italy
Stadion Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland
National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland
Ulker Sports Arena, Istanbul, Turkey
Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin, New Zealand
Coface Arena, Mainz, Germany


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March 19, 2012

Wall Street Journal: KC is an “information technology innovation center”

Kansas City is a great place to work for IT professionals, reports the Wall Street Journal:

Welcome to "Silicon Prairie."

Kansas City, straddling the Kansas and Missouri state line, is home to tech giants likeSprint Nextel Corp. S -5.02% and Cerner Corp., CERN -0.38% but its industry ranks have been swelling with smaller firms. In 2009, the number of tech companies rose by 5% to 2,900, trumping the growth rates of well-known hubs like Silicon Valley, Boston and Austin, Texas, according to a 2010 study published by the TechAmerica Foundation.

Part of what attracts entrepreneurs to Kansas City is a high-speed fiber network from Google, which chose the city over 1,100 others to set up the service.

Part of the lure for entrepreneurs: a high-speed fiber network from Google Inc.,GOOG +1.33% which chose Kansas City over 1,100 other cities to set up the service. Expected to roll out next year, the network will run 100 times faster than current broadband, which will likely bolster cloud-based technologies and pave the way for high-definition streaming services that will be hard to find elsewhere.

The Google initiative will be "an excellent platform for innovation," says Bryan Richard, founder of iCode Inc., a Web start-up that posts profiles of software developers. "Everyone in the technology business is talking about it here in town, and everyone wants to do something with it and maximize it."

Entrepreneurs who have relocated from the coasts also tout the friendly business environment. It's far less expensive to build a firm and develop technology, they say, and there are fewer state and city regulations to worry about. And, as in other hubs, many entrepreneurs are helping each other. "Numerous times people have asked me for things I have expertise in and there are times where I call competitors…for specific problems," says Donald Rossberg, president of Dataworks Inc., a technology-support and consulting start-up. "In the end, we all benefit."

More on this story in the Kansas City Business Journal.

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March 16, 2012

Sporting KC Named Fourth Most Innovative Sports Company


This week, named Sporting Kansas City the fourth most innovative sports company in the world.

"For enhancing the stadium experience with digital amenities. This Major League Soccer team’s new LIVESTRONG Sporting Park sets a new standard with a reliable network for surfing, a rarity in parks and stadiums, along with individual access to replays and clever apps and features to get fans involved (predicting the action, tweeting messages to the Jumbotron). The club, the first to name its venue after a nonprofit, launched a business consulting other teams on making their venues more tech-enabled."

Sporting Kansas City joined companies such as ESPN (#5), MLB Advanced Media (#2), and the National Football League (#1). The only other sports team on the list was the Dallas Mavericks (#6). wrote a feature piece on Sporting Innovations in January detailing the many features of LIVESTRONG Sporting Park that enhance the fans' experience at a soccer match.

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